Your office needs deep cleaning now and then. How often you deep clean depends on what your office does and the traffic that passes through it. At any rate, it should never be less than twice a year.
Other telltale signs that your office needs more than the casual swipe and dab include apparent signs of uncleanliness. Cobwebs hanging off the roof and in corners, thick layers of dirt, foul odors, pests scurrying about, and an outbreak of allergic reactions are all cues.

Proper commercial cleaning gives visitors to your office that all-important positive first impression. It keeps the office healthy, pleasant to work in, and motivates the staff. Plus, you reduce the downtime on illnesses.

If you’re looking for office cleaning services in Chicago, Val’s Services is the company for you! At Val’s Services we know how much dirt cuts the value you try to create. We know it cuts into stand morale and health, client satisfaction and eventually into your profits.

That is why we work with well-trained, dedicated, and fast staff to restore that value.

Commercial Cleaning Chicago

We adhere meticulously to a process designed to thoroughly get every corner of your office in the shortest time possible. No need to suspend business just because spring cleaning has come around.

Office Cleaning Chicago: Dusting

A Val’s Service office deep clean begins with methodically dusting every surface. We like to start from left to right as that is the natural orientation for most people. We make sure to get every corner and crevice.We go into the hidden spaces where casual cleaning overlooks and dirt builds up. Our staff will bend down and climb up to ensure we miss no spot. We go for the vent covers, fans, and tops of shelves to get rid of every speck.

Keep in mind that our cleaners don’t climb on anything other than a two-step ladder. We will try our best to reach every high place but our cleaners don’t climb stairs or other surfaces. This is to ensure their safety.


Commercial cleaning in Chicago would be incomplete without disinfection of the hot spots. One of the purposes of a deep clean is to make the space safe. This is only possible if you clean all the areas that have the greatest potential for cross-contamination.

Door handles, countertops, bathroom faucets, phones, keyboards, the refrigerator- all of these are surfaces that quickly accumulate and distribute germs. We disinfect those to kill all the germs.

Get Rid Of The Odor

When we are done deep cleaning your office, it will smell as clean as it looks. A clean look and fresh smell create a pleasant atmosphere for your staff and clients alike.

We also empty trash cans and clean your refrigerator to get rid of any strange smell or stench.

We then spray the room to give it a pleasant scent.


Vacuuming is as essential to deep cleaning as casual cleaning, so we don’t take it lightly.
Vacuuming does away with dirt, debris, and allergens in a way manual cleaning does not.

Water, Mop, A Rag, And A Brush

The floors, windows, stains in the carpets and bathroom are places that may require wet cleaning. If they do, we will not hesitate.

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You can only maintain the effects of deep cleaning by routine light cleaning. Though light, it should not be careless. Daily light cleaning ensures that no dirt accumulates. If you are in need of commercial cleaning services in the Chicagoland area, contact Val’s Services.