We know that choosing when and how or even if to hire a cleaning service to help you clean your home can be a hard decision! Inviting someone into your home is an act of trust as it is your safe space, your sanctuary.

Hiring a cleaning company can be viewed as a luxury, or it may make you feel like it could be signaling you are lazy and cannot do your own house cleaning. Neither of these are true. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why you should take the leap and outsource your cleaning. You may be a busy mom, or work a full time job, need occasional help or weekly help, or you may fall somewhere in the middle. No matter what your situation is, let’s explore some reasons why hiring a cleaning company is a good use of your resources.

You are a busy family

Adding kids into your life has no doubt increased the value but it has also made it exponentially more busy. From running to sports, or lessons, school, play dates, etc., you may find that what little free time you do have you do not want to spend doing the house cleaning. Therefore, hiring a cleaning company can help you to free some time to do all of the things you need to get done. It can help ease the stress and burden of having to find the time to clean by yourself, and actually completing the cleaning.

Or, maybe you don’t have children but that doesn’t mean your schedule is any less busy. From work to hobbies, errands, and more, your time is still limited and finding the time to truly clean your home may be difficult.

You have a full time job

You spend the majority of your day working, the last thing you want to do when you get home is spend your free time cleaning. Working a full time job limits your time to spend doing things you truly enjoy, outsourcing your house cleaning will give you back that time to spend in other areas helping you to rest and recharge in the time you have to yourself.

Your family is expanding

This is a very exciting time!! Whether it’s a new baby or a new pet your family is expanding and that is something to celebrate. It can also be a very sleepless time and it’s most certainly a time full of life adjustments for the entire family. You should be spending your time enjoying your newest addition and working through your new life adjustments, not spending it worrying about cleaning your home. This is the perfect time to hire a house cleaning service so that you can deal with the other adjustments.

Have time to do more of what you love

One of the best reasons to hire a cleaning company to do your home cleaning is TIME! You get time back in your day to do things you truly enjoy, instead of cleaning. Most cleaning companies don’t need you to be home during your service. Therefore, you can head out, have lunch with friends, go golfing, do the grocery shopping or run errands, get a manicure or massage, take the kids out to do something special…the choice is yours!

You don’t like cleaning

Some of us love the act of cleaning. And other of us, well, just simply do not. And that is okay! It’s okay to not love cleaning. But we are sure that just because you don’t love the act of cleaning doesn’t mean you don’t like having a clean home. So if cleaning doesn’t bring you joy, outsource it! And spend that time on something you do enjoy. The cleaning will get done, and you won’t have to do it.

You enjoy entertaining family and friends

Having friends and family over for the weekend or just for a dinner party can be exciting and truly joyful. You may need to plan a menu, grocery shop, or come up with entertainment ideas or activities if your guests are in town for more than a meal. Adding cleaning to your list of things to get done prior to their arrival, should not be an added stressor. Hire a cleaning company for a deep clean prior to their arrival so that you can do the rest of the plans and still welcome your guests to a clean home!

You are planning to move

From the physical piece of actually moving to the emotional piece of leaving your home we know moving is a big undertaking. Thinking about cleaning your home on top of the list of other things you need to complete can make the thought of moving even more daunting. Hiring a professional cleaning company before you move is a smart idea. A clean home shows better in photos and in person. According to HomeLight, having a clean and decluttered home before showing it can translate into $2,500 more in the sale price of your home.

You can have cleaning services tailored to your needs

Standard clean, deep clean, move in/out clean, recurring or one time. There are so many choices! Which is the best for you? Choosing the right clean and frequency for your home and lifestyle allows you to tailor the clean to your needs. f a weekly clean is the way to go, the cleaners could focus on the kitchen and bathrooms one clean and the living spaces on the other week. Or maybe they clean a level at a time. Perhaps you just need one monthly cleaning and so you opt for a deeper clean. Being able to tailor the clean to your home and family’s needs will help you get the most of your cleaning service.

Increase your mental health

Have you ever walked back into a clean home? The smell is amazing and the look and feel of a clean space will make you breathe easier and feel more relaxed. Decluttering your home will help reduce anxiety and distractions. A lot of us are still working from home since the pandemic began last year. Having a clean and clutter free space will definitely help productivity as you work from home or help your kids as they navigate virtual schooling. According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, the act of cleaning your home and having a clean space will boost your mental health. Therefore, if you do not have the time or energy to clean on a regular basis, hiring a cleaning company to do the cleaning for you will still give you that mental boost with the end result of a clean home.

You deserve it!

Last and definitely not least…you deserve it! You deserve a clean home, without having to find the time and doing the work. You work hard and you are busy with more important things in your life such as family, friends or work. Give yourself the break you deserve and hire a cleaning company on a regular basis or even on a less frequent basis. Hiring a cleaning company can level set your home and make you feel like you can keep up in between services. So go on, kick your feet up and hire a cleaning company to take over your cleaning chores for at least one service.

Contact Val’s Services to for a free estimate, or learn more about designing a perfect cleaning plan for your house or business. We are here to make hiring a cleaning service easy and affordable. As we know that hiring a cleaning company is a big decision, for your peace of mind, please also know that we are bonded and insured. Our team can let’s help you enjoy the comfort of clean without the work. Book here.