Val’s services is a woman-owned cleaning service based in Chicago. Our goal is to provide the most professional high-quality cleaning service in the Chicago area! Many customers love using Val’s services because of how detail the cleaning is and also how reliant each service does, even our most popular service we offer, Val’s services make Chicago homes and apartments the best they can be.

Our mission is to spread happiness. 😁

One clean space at a time. 🧽

Meet Val, The CEO of Val's Services

Meet Val, The CEO of Val’s Services

Val Olivera is a Female entrepreneur from Brazil, Her dream is to introduce Chicago to a Brazilian cleaning Tradition called “Faxina” a weekly dedicated cleaning event in their homes. Val wants this dedicated and professional cleaning tradition here in every Chicago home!

Training To Perfection

Professional cleaning technicians in Val’s services are well trained and can handle cleaning jobs. Val’s services takes professionalism very seriously. We offer our cleaning technicians paid training in the most efficient way possible. The cleaners go through one month of intensive training.

SAY GOODBYE TO THE MESS with these excellent Cleaning Services! 🧹

  • Super Deep Cleaning

  • Deep Clean Cleaning

  • Standard Cleaning

  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning

  • Post-Construction Cleaning

  • And More

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