The Ultimate Guide to Party Cleaning | DEC 2021

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It’s that time of year again; everyone’s having parties, and we need to keep the house clean before company comes over.

Whether you like it or not, party cleaning is an essential component of having your friends and family over. Here are our best tips for making this process as simple as possible.

6 Tips for Effective Party Cleaning 🧹

  1. Make a to-do list

Before you start your party cleaning, do a quick walkthrough of the entire house and note what needs to be done in each room. This makes it easy to clean and develop a plan.
If you need to bring in someone to help you, having a list precisely defines what you need to have done.

  1. Declutter first

Once you have come up with a list, the next thing would be to ensure that you put things where they are supposed to be. Each room should be organized and kept in pristine condition, and if you are to do any wrapping and unwrapping of gifts, be sure to declutter as you go.

  1. Take care of your carpets

If you are not careful, the carpet can end up looking awful by the end of the festivities. If you have guests coming over, be sure to clean the carpet well in advance, and if possible, vacuum daily without fail.
Give your carpet a deep clean before all of the craziness begins to ensure it is ready for guests.

  1. Sanitize all surfaces

Your countertops will require plenty of attention, especially if you’re planning on serving food at your parties. Clean them well in advance. It is wise to wipe your kitchen surfaces with the proper detergents before you prepare food and right after, as uncooked meat tends to leave some bacteria and germs behind.

  1. Don’t forget your kitchen appliances

These will be integral for preparing your party food, and giving them a deep clean is highly recommended. Buy the necessary cleaning agents from your local grocery store and give them a serious cleaning.
For the fridge, be sure to get rid of all the expired and leftover foods as you prepare them to accommodate the food you will prepare during the festivities.

  1. Book cleaning services early

If you need professional cleaners for your party cleaning, be sure to book them early to ensure they are available to you. Most experts will leave your house cleaning and free you to deal with other requirements.

Your aim should be for a stress-free holiday, and professionals are one of the best ways to go about it. It will also ensure minimal friction with family members.

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