Moving is a nostalgic experience that represents an end to wonderful memories of a home, and an embrace of your future home. While moving can be exciting, the new house cleaning process can be tedious and you may not know where to start.

Even with boxes and furniture everywhere, you have to clean the crucial areas in your new home.

Tips For New Home Cleaning 🏠

Start With The Walls

The rule of the thumb is to start high, finish low, going ceilings to floors.  In the new home cleaning process, you have to take advantage of the empty house since it gives you more space for cleaning.
Dust can accumulate on the walls and ceilings, especially after a long time of being ignored; maybe because they are hard to reach.
With so many companies now offering new home cleaning services, reaching the highest ceilings and deepest corners would be no problem with the right equipment.

The Fridge

When moving, you want to move into a clean, sparkling home. While this is satisfying, other things require your attention as well; appliances, unpacking, setting up utilities. While many gadgets accumulate dust, the fridge is the most sensitive since it contains food.
While it’s common to clean the entire house we rarely remember to deep clean the inside of appliances. It’s especially important to deep clean the inside of your appliances that come in to contact with food.

The Bathroom Floors And Walls

Hard water contains minerals that form scale over time. You can see the scale on bathroom walls and floors due to continued contact with hard water. While these are hard to clean and remove, the new house cleaning is your chance to thoroughly clean the bathroom.
Acid from lemon juice or vinegar helps remove the scale, leaving the bathroom walls, floors, and faucets looking clean and shiny.

The Toilet Seat

The only way to guarantee a sanitary and hygienic toilet is by replacing it with a new one. When this is not an option, new home cleaning service companies like Val’s Services can come in handy. We have the necessary detergents to disinfect the toilet seats and ensure that they are safe for use.

Kitchen Cabinets

Your new house cleaning plan should include kitchen cabinet cleaning. Kitchen cabinets can store food particles that can attract pests like roaches and mice when unsanitary.

Why Choose Val’s Services for a New Home Cleaning? 🧹

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