The holidays can be a hectic time, and with gift exchanges and big family dinners to contend with, you might find that your home feels a bit cluttered after the New Year. To start another year off on the right foot, it’s important to get your home organized after all that chaos.

Here are our top 6 best home organization tips for after the holidays.

  1. Take it one step at a time

Organizing your home can be overwhelming at the best of times, but you shouldn’t procrastinate on this big job after the holiday season. Start small and work your way through it systematically.

  1. Pack your decorations up systematically

The first thing that you’re probably going to pack up is your holiday decorations. Make sure that you gather them neatly and store them all in the same place so that they’re easy to find next year. Discard any old, broken, or worn out decorations.

  1. Declutter before you organize

We receive a lot of new items during the holidays – to avoid clutter, we can get rid of some old items to make room. Try cleaning old clothes out of your closet, donating old toys to charity, and getting rid of any other items that you don’t use anymore or that have been replaced by your new gifts.

  1. Clean out your pantry and fridge

The holidays feature several recipes and unique meals at the family dinner table. But often than not, we have leftovers that nobody would even consider eating. Your fridge and pantry need a breather and a boost of fresh food.

  1. Deep clean

Once everything is organized, consider deep cleaning your home. It will give the space a fresh feel. It includes wiping windows and kitchen appliances and vacuuming the floor, focusing on the hard-to-reach areas such as under the couch.

  1. Consider home organization services

If you are still in the holiday mood, you probably want to relax, and that’s okay. Your busy lifestyle may also leave little time for you to clean and organize your house in the best condition. Not to worry, as professionals can always lend a helping hand and get the job done in a way you probably wouldn’t. Consider a housemaid or home organization services to stay on top of a tidy and clean home.