Of all the laundry offenders, oil and grease stains are the peskiest. They not only leave spots that can literally stand out like a sore thumb, but they are also highly and notoriously hard to remove.
If you have a greasy oil stain on your clothes, you must be wondering how to get oil out of clothes.

Here are some tips that will leave them looking fresh and clean.

How to Remove Oil Stains From Clothes 👚 – Different Methods

  1. Using Baking Soda to remove grease and oil stains.

Baking soda’s main job is to pull oil out of fabrics when you use it for oil stain removal. If you have a challenging cloth to clean, such as furniture or a heavy coat, baking soda will act as the first line of defense on the stain.
Here’s how to remove oil stains from clothes with baking soda:

  • Start by removing any excess oil on the clothes with a cloth or paper towel.

  • Then, sprinkle the baking soda on the affected area and leave it to sit for about 24 hours.

  • After the time has passed, use a vacuum to brush away the baking soda.

  • Using an oil stain remover, spray the infected area. You can also use a vinegar and water solution.

  • Then, use a brush and soap to scrub the area and rinse.

  • Finally, repeat the process in case the stain is still there.

  1. Using Chalk to Remove Oil Stains

So, chalk should remove oil stains and grease from clothes just like the baking soda, as it will literally pull the oil off the fabric into itself. However, this is not recommended for large stains that have set in and only use this option when the grease splatters are minor like you would get when cooking.
Steps on how to get oil out of clothes using chalk:

  • Start by removing any excess oil and foods from the cloth using a clean paper towel.

  • Then, cover the spot entirely with chalk and then leave it for a few minutes, so the oil is completely absorbed.

  • Then, wash the soiled item as quickly as you can.


Step By Step Guide On Removing Set-In Oil Stains

It can be quite intimidating and difficult to remove oil stains that have set in. Admittedly this will require quite a lot of work and the proper oil stain remover.
Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start by working on the stain when the fabric is dry – This is an excellent idea, as water causes challenges when trying to remove the stain.

  • Next, use a cardboard piece and place it behind the stain.

  • Then, using a dry and clean cloth, blot on the stain. Be sure to blot carefully so you don’t spread the oil to any unaffected parts. This will also help remove as much of the excess oil as possible.

  • Use some dish soap or oil stain remover on the stain.

  • Use warm water to clean the cloth and launder it as usual.

  • Air-dry it.