How to Declutter Before Family Home Visits: 15 Organization & Cleaning Tips | DEC 2022

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If you’re planning to host amazing dinners, parties, or out-of-town relatives during these days, now’s the perfect time to start deep cleaning your home! While it’s good to declutter your home throughout the year, you can easily get caught up before family and friends arrive for the holidays with the organization and cleaning tips from team Val’s Services!

Choose Specific Areas to Declutter

Even if you have the best intentions, there’s a chance you won’t be able to clean everything in your home before guests arrive. Create a cleaning checklist that focuses on rooms where your guests will be and declutter those rooms first. Once you finish decluttering your priority areas, then you can move on to cleaning other rooms in your home. So don’t be stressed if you don’t get to the master bedroom closet that no one will see!

Set a Special Cleaning Schedule

Once you’ve established which areas of your home need decluttering the most, you can make a schedule to ensure everything gets taken care of on time. Create your own “25 Days of Cleaning” schedule to accomplish a little decluttering every day!

Get the Whole Family Involved

If you have children, decluttering your home for special days is an excellent opportunity to have them help. Give some rewards to them, It’s a creative and festive way to teach responsibility and get extra hands!

Use Cleaners with Seasonal Scents

Make your whole home feel fresher by cleaning surfaces and spritzing furniture with seasonal smells. Whether you’re buying pre-made cleaners or making homemade sprays on your own products are sure to prepare your house for guests. Peppermint, cinnamon, and pumpkin are just a few winter scents that can stick around after cleaning to provide a warm, inviting aroma!

Tidy Up the Entryway

One of the best home decluttering tips you can follow is to tackle the entryway early! From backpacks to winter boots, all sorts of messes can pile up in this area, making your home feel extra cluttered. Find a space in your laundry room, mudroom, or hall closet where these items can be stored out of the way while guests are over to open up the front space of your home. Then, you’ll have plenty of room to decorate your entryway!

Declutter Guest Rooms

Guest bedrooms can turn into a catch-all for junk throughout the year. Pull everything out of the rooms where your guests will be staying, sort what you want to keep and what can go, and then donate items you no longer need!

Organize Your Bathroom

Get ready by minimizing bathroom messes, especially in the bathrooms that your guests will use most. Set out fresh linens, fill soap bottles, restock toilet paper and facial tissues, and put together a stellar guest basket for your bathroom with everything your guests may need! Decluttering and organizing your bathroom can go a long way in making your home more comfortable and accommodating for guests, too!

Clean Out the Kitchen

Obviously, you’ll want to deep clean and organize your kitchen before guests start showing up. Purging your kitchen pantry and fridge should be a high priority on your cleaning checklist. Take stock of what ingredients you already have and toss out those that are expired to make cooking easier and help keep your kitchen decluttered heading into the new year.

Tackle Kids Spaces

Before your kids start receiving new toys, clothes, and books over the holidays, it’s a good idea to try and get rid of things they no longer have a use for. Start with organizing kids’ bedrooms, then declutter your kid’s playroom. Your children may be upset about losing some of their favorite items, but this is a great opportunity to teach them about how donations help those in need!

Sort Through Seasonal Clothes

Fall and winter are good times to part ways with unnecessary spring and summer clothing. While guests probably won’t see your closet, making sure all of your garments have a home will prevent jackets, purses, and other items from littering the entryway or guest rooms. Declutter your closet to gain more storage space and organize your closet according to the season.

Organize Your Dinnerware

While parties are ideal for breaking out your fine china set, it’s also an opportunity to evaluate how many sets of formal dinner plates, glasses, silverware, and napkins you really need. When deciding what dinnerware to keep, consider picking the set that can be used for other get-togethers outside of the parties. That way, you’ll have versatile dinnerware that can work with any decorations! Once you’re done decluttering your kitchen cabinets, donate your dishes to a local shelter instead of throwing them in the bin.

Declutter Your Bar

Whether you have a full bar or are working with a small bar cart, you want to be able to show off your drink station to all of your guests. Start by getting rid of nearly empty bottles, consolidate multiples, and move top-shelf beverages to the front. An organized bar with themed cocktails will help contribute to a holiday party family and friends won’t soon forget!

Embrace Minimalism with Decor

It’s easy to go overboard with holiday decorating, but every piece of decor you use means more decluttering after the parties. Instead of crowding decorations into living spaces where you and your guests will gather, opt for decor that takes up less room. Go minimalist by keeping decorations simple and focusing on a few main pieces to save yourself quite a bit of clean-up time once the holidays are over.

Create a Gift Wrapping Station

Gift bags, wrapping papers, bows, scissors, and tape take up more space than you think. And without the proper space to store these items, they can cause a real hassle when decluttering for parties. Rather than letting these gift-wrapping essentials litter your living room or home office, create a workstation to keep everything together.

Declutter Your Mind Before

Not all decluttering tips are for your household belongings! Parties can be a stressful time, especially if you’re hosting family and friends. Be sure to take some time for yourself before they arrive to relax, destress, care for your body, and declutter your mind for the new year.

Phew! Tired of just imagining this whole cleaning mission? Don’t worry, because our team of cleaning and organization specialists will be ready to help you make everything beautiful and shining to welcome your visitors, while you worry about what is most important to you, enjoy your family! Schedule your services here

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