“We do the cleaning for you so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love most” – Val’s Team

Cold weather usually means people spend more time indoors. It’s important that your home is clean, well-maintained, and decluttered in order to keep it attractive and inviting. Rather than waiting until spring to deep clean and declutter your home, consider the benefits of a deep cleaning during the winter each year. Why? Because first of all you have more time indoors, so why not make it productive and create a pleasant atmosphere to come home to? Next, you’ll be ready for holiday party hosting with minimal cleaning effort if you tackle the big jobs in early winter. And finally, you’ll have better peace of mind and emotional balance when your home is decluttered, cleaned, and organized.

Here at Val’s Services, we understand how busy people can sometimes bump a deep cleaning down their “to-do” list. Everyone knows that the less clutter you have sitting around in your home, the fewer objects there are to collect dust. But not many people are huge fans of taking the time to organize and declutter their space or clean things like their refrigerator coils. At Val’s Services Cleaning, we do the cleaning for you so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love most, and spend less time cleaning. Free up your time with a one-time deep cleaning or reoccurring cleanings.

Exchange spring cleaning for winter or holiday cleaning, and enjoy the time indoors during the winter months.

With that said, here are 6 reasons why Winter Is the Best Time to Clean your House! 🤩

1. It provides a healthy living space for you and your family

When winter calls for our windows to stay closed and heaters to run regularly, indoor air quality decreases. When you deep clean your home in the winter, less dust accumulates, and you have a healthier home in which to live. Simply changing your furnace filter on a scheduled basis will also decrease the dust in your home, improve the air quality, and provide a healthier indoor living. Your furnace will thank you because keeping up with the filter changes will help your furnace run more efficiently.

2. Boost your mood even during dreary winter days

An organized, clean home promotes an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It lifts the emotional state of most people to simply come home to a clean, clutter-free space.

3. Decrease the germs and bacteria in your home

When you deep clean and declutter in the winter, you will decrease the possibility of accumulating germs and bacteria in your home. Are there things left out throughout your house? Find a space for everything, and then put it in its space. If you need to declutter, simply take one area of your house at a time and make piles of items to throw away, give away, and put away. You’ll be surprised at how many things you have that you don’t need. And your home will be less likely to cultivate unhealthy germs and bacteria growth.

4. Your indoor air will be cleaner

When you deep clean in the winter, it pays off. Here are some items to clean in order to improve your overall indoor air quality:

  • Dust all ceiling fans, artwork, and doors

  • Replace toilet bowl brushes

  • Disinfect all garbage cans

  • Sweep under your stove and refrigerator

  • Clean all windows

  • Clean window blinds

  • Dry clean window treatments

  • Clean all window sills

  • Vacuum under the beds

  • Replace shower curtain

5. Protect your flooring

As you clean your home this winter, choose an adequate space for your family to remove their shoes outside the front door of your house. Use an area just inside the door to your home that will serve to decrease the amount of dirt entering and spreading throughout the home. Small stones in your shoes can mark your flooring, but an indoor mat just inside the door can create a place to further remove debris from footwear. Install a boot scraper outside your door and ask everyone to use it on their way into the house.You can use a free service like Google Analytics to track how many people are visiting your site. This will give you an idea of what kind of traffic is coming in from where. You can then decide whether or not it makes sense to invest money into advertising.

6. Decrease the possibility of rodents and bugs in your home

Regular cleaning of your home and periodic deep cleaning will deter bugs and rodents from coming into your home. Avoid the nuisance of bug and rodent infestation by keeping your floors clean and crumb-free.


Areas of the home to organize this winter

Garage—Guests may not see it, but you need to pay attention to the clutter that’s accumulated in your garage every day. It will refresh your morning to walk through an organized garage on your way to your car.

Your closets—How much time is wasted looking for things because there is so much clutter in your closets? Take one step at a time, and one closet at a time, but get through your home’s closets and enjoy a clutter-free life.

Kitchen—Clean out your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Dispose of outdated canned goods and outdated food from the refrigerator. Wipe down its interior and exterior, including the top of the fridge. Clean refrigerator coils, and save on your utility bill. (Simply unplug your refrigerator, vacuum behind it, and use a condenser coil brush or a vacuum attachment to get rid of dirt and dust.)

Clean dryer vents—Avoid the fire hazard that dirty dryer vents can cause by cleaning them out. A lint-free dryer vent diminishes the possibility of a fire hazard.

Flush sink drains—It’s refreshing to use some vinegar or baking soda with a hint of lemon juice in your drains to flush them clean. Other home remedies for disposal include grinding ice chips in it.

House cleaning services can simplify your life so you can live out your priorities the way you desire. If you’re unsure if regular cleanings are right for you, simply book a one-time cleaning or a deep cleaning service. Val’s Services offers cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment and book online today; learn how refreshing it is to come home to a clean house. Schedule your services here.