Maids Chicago Companies such as Val’s Services use Bon Ami because it is a fragrance-free, bleach. It is also a feldspar-based, non-toxic option to the conventional powder in the market. Bon Ami products have a natural formula that softly cleans different surfaces without the use of punitive chemicals. Bon Ami is rated “A” by most Maids Chicago companies as it is one of the best house cleaning Chicago, detergent, and perfect for the environment.

What Is The Meaning Of Bon Ami?

It is a French word that means good friend. The brand and product Bon Ami is living up to the meaning of its name.

How Efficient Is Bon Ami

Bon Ami helps maids Chicago and Chicago home cleaning companies such as Val’s Services clean mucky messes tackle yucky dirt that involves sticky substances and grease stains that are hard to come off when you use mild mineral abrasives.

Most cleaning detergents and substances may leave persistent residue behind; you do not need to worry about that when you are using Bon Ami for house cleaning Chicago; the formulations are good and there are different varieties of Bon Ami products available to you.The Bon Ami powder cleanser is tender. It contains an earth-friendly formula used on any hard surface without scratching.

Chicago home cleaning and maids Chicago companies use Bon Ami Powder cleanser because it has the versatility to properly clean shower stalls, bathtubs, sinks, and bathrooms hustle-free.
The cleanser formula has been rated positively by leading house cleaning Chicago and cleaners Chicago.

History Of Bon Ami

Bon Ami has made cleaning look simple since 1886; for 136 years, Bon Ami has been a brand that prides itself on producing high-quality cleaners with well-formulated ingredients that work. From day one, the Bon Ami formula contains the feldspar and base abrasive mineral. Which was once considered an abrasive waste material, feldspar was discovered to shine even shovels of quarry maids Chicago workers paid to detach it from silica quartz.This type of quartz-based cleaner formula scratches things clean, but the softer feldspar-based formula for Bon Ami polishes surfaces neatly without scratching.

In years past, there was always pressure on Bon Ami to adapt to market demands with new artificial and additives fragrances to compete with cleaning products in the mainstream. We introduced various chemical cleaning products in the 70s. Bon Ami then started receiving letters of gratitude from customers like maids Chicago, cleaners Chicago and Chicago home cleaning without including dye, perfume, and chlorine bleach. It became clear that we had a whole community of users counting on our services and products. It became our obligation to serve them by keeping the reputation of not using chemical additives in our cleanser products.

After all, the meaning of your name is “good friend.” From the French word Bon Ami.

Today most maids Chicago companies and other cleaners Chicago, are turning away from punitive chemical cleaning products to reduce toxins at home, offices, and business places. Some chemicals that are used in cleaning products have been branded hazardous. Bon Ami remains committed to living up to its brand’s reputation!