I’ve found that people really do care about who will be coming in and out of their home when they are not home. Our clients should have peace-of-mind knowing that someone is trusted and reliable.

Our cleaning and organizing company’s hiring process includes full background checks, thorough drug tests and 80 hours of training before they can clean their first home or business. We are dedicated to making sure our team can be trusted in home or business.

2) In what cases might someone prefer to hire a cleaning company over an individual and vice versa?

Our process is to select the best applicants and then train them in our company’s specific, and detailed, cleaning process. Our training provides a step-by-step and room-by-room methodology. I have found most independent house cleaners don’t provide this.

Our company also prides itself on being reliable and trusted – including meeting industry criteria such as being licensed, bounded and insured.

Aside from having the cleaning done consistently and efficiently, have a trusted cleaning company includes having a team behind each cleaning. From our human resources team to the supervisors we have in place – quality control helps ensure our cleaners are consistently held to a level of accountability. We also make sure to analyze client reviews and have a team that can respond to each one. An independent cleaner may not be able to provide tangible reviews and client validations.

3) What are some advantages of hiring a cleaning company like yours for housekeeping services? (If there’s anything else you didn’t mention in #2?)

Our company has a lot of incentives for our team. We do our best to take care of them and have in return – they take amazing care of our clients. Our incentives include above-industry compensation, quarterly team outings, bus passes and continual team training.

We also offer pricing at a flat rate. Clients can expect quality, meticulous service at the same rate, no surprises.

4) Once someone has hired a cleaner or cleaning service, I’d imagine it’s important to keep the lines of communication open—to help ensure you’re happy with the service and that the cleaners are happy working for you. Can you explain why? Do you have any tips for clients on communicating with their cleaners?

We create an open dialogue and setting expectations from the very first cleaning can set the tone for a successful relationship.

We also use software, in the form of an app, that help our cleaners provide real-time status updates to our clients. A chat feature provides a way to instantly communicate any issues that may arise. The app also provides a record of the issues for the company to review and improve upon. Trust and respect are fostered when both parties can communicate without hesitation.

5) What steps can a client take to ensure they continue to receive quality care from their cleaners?

We make sure we understand the needs of each client. We make sure that we gather as much information, up front, to ensure we deliver the right cleaning to each client. We make sure to address issues promptly, discuss any nuances about the cleaning and any requests for special attention to certain areas of the home.

6) Let’s talk about a house cleaner’s first day cleaning a new client’s home. How might that cleaning differ from future cleanings?

Our team makes sure to give a warm introduction prior to the cleaning. We go into the first cleaning knowing the cleaning service level selected may be a more intensive one – depending on how long ago the home was professionally cleaned. There are tools and cleaners used by the service that allow for a deeper cleaning.

We follow our methodical cleaning process and use our eco-friendly cleaning products to get the job done. I want our clients to come home and be impressed with the attention to detail! Our goal is to create an ongoing cleaning schedule to keep the client’s home clean a regular basis. Regular schedules can also help save the client time and money. We offer discounts on multiple monthly cleanings.

7) What tasks are important for the house cleaner to complete on the first day and why?

On the first day, a thorough walk through with the client is necessary. At this point in time, the client can point out special needs and ask any questions about the service they will be receiving. If the client has preferences in materials, or if they want rooms excluded, these are important to know. If these tools will be required on an ongoing basis, the cleaner is able to prepare for the job in advance.

Newer cleaners will be paired with an experienced cleaner to ensure proper completion of the tasks. The cleaner can utilize their knowledge and skill in their work and have a resource available if an issue arises to which they don’t know the answer.

8) On that first day, do you provide them with a checklist of tasks they need to accomplish? If so, would you be willing to share it with us?

Yes! All of our cleaners have a checklist and receive a reminder every day at the job, this way there’s no confusion and everyone is on the same page. We do have a big checklist, but the most important steps from Val’s Services are on this picture above.