We focus on our expertise to give you the best cleaning experience!

The following services are not covered:

  • Bring a broom

  • Bring a step stool or ladder

  • Bring harsh chemicals

  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean dishwasher (inside)
  • Clean washing machine (inside)
  • Clean exterior of windows

  • Clean chandeliers

  • Clean in or around fireplaces
  • Clean or wash walls
  • Clean TV and computer screens

  • Clean tracks of sliding doors or windows

  • Clean or remove blood, fire or water damage

  • Deep stain removal

  • Insect or rodent removal

  • Junk removal larger than a regular sized trash bags

  • Lifting or move heavy items or furniture (over 20 lbs)

  • Mold removal

  • Perform industrial cleaning
  • Remove animal waste/litter

  • Remove paint

  • Rug repair

  • Steam or shampoo carpet/rug/upholstery

  • Take screens out of window

  • Wash floors by hand

  • Wipe light bulbs

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