When everyone is home during the holidays, it can feel like you are constantly cleaning. There are papers all over the kitchen, and dust keeps floating around you and settles on the furniture.
Maintaining a clean home is almost a dream. But did you know that there are some proven ways of keeping the house clean? Here are our best tips on how to maintain a clean home.

Learn to use your vacuum better

Most people use the vacuum the wrong way. When cleaning, do not leave behind any dust or dirt. You should always slow down and do some overlapping strokes as you vacuum, especially near the walls.
Then, turn at a right angle and clean again from one side of the room to the other one. Finish the process by using a crevice tool at the base of the wall and any heavy furniture.

You are likely to get more dirt out of your home this way, and not only that, it will stay out for longer. Have a home cleaning schedule that includes regular vacuuming as well.

Tackle the dust using your dryer

The objects in our homes that attract the most dust are textiles – curtains, throw pillows, decorative blankets, and other fabric items can trap a ton of dust and allergens that are the antithesis to a clean home.

In between washings, you can use your dryer to keep them fresh and get rid of dust. To do this, toss the curtains and pillows into the dryer and run it on fluff with no heat for about ten minutes.
This will do a world of good and ensure that you maintain a clean home.

Use a damp mop instead of a dry one

Well, floor dusters or dry mops do not do a very good job of getting rid of dirt, and in most cases, they just move the dirt around. This includes wet floor cloths, which only show you the dirt they have already picked up but do not show you what they have left behind.

So, if you want to know how to maintain a clean home, getting the dust off will need a damp mop. This does not mean that you will haul a mopping bucket all the time, but just filling a spray bottle using some water and spritzing the area then mopping it will suffice. However, you should rinse the mop when you are halfway through to rinse the dirt off and not just move the dirt around. The key should be: dust first, vacuum, and then mop last.