Can House Cleaning Technicians Work During A Lockdown? Here’s What You Should Know | OCT 2021

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There is nothing better than coming home to a sparkling, clean house.

When the lockdown was introduced a lot changed, for instance, children had to be homeschooled and remote working became a norm for many people. Being at home constantly with many things to do, means people are not able to fully clean their houses. So if you are wondering  “Can house Cleaning Technicians work during a lockdown?”; we have the answer for you.

The good news is that house cleaning during lockdown is possible. Having Cleaning Technicians working during the lockdown as a result of the pandemic is challenging, but it can be done.
The important thing is to maintain a clean home so you and your family stay healthy. The pandemic guidelines have allowed nannies and cleaning technicians to work in people’s homes since they can’t work remotely.

Now that we know that cleaning during lockdown is possible here are Covid 19 measures that Cleaning Technicians need to follow:

  • The Social distance rules should be adhered to, as Cleaning Technicians are working during a lockdown. Face-to-face communication is discouraged and booking online has never been easier.

  • Cleaning Technicians working during lockdown are advised to sanitize/remove cleaning products they use and waste produced during cleaning sessions.

  • Cleaning Technicians working during lockdown are not allowed to clean homes with occupants who are infected or experiencing symptoms. Such homes should be avoided as quarantining is a requirement for those affected by Covid.

  • Cleaning Technicians are instructed to spot symptoms of Covid 19 such as: change in taste and smell, high temperatures, and consistent If they are infected they should isolate until recovery per CDC guidelines.

  • Cleaning Technicians working during lockdown should always have their masks and gloves on as they work to limit the spread of Covid-19.

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Our Cleaning Technicians are well aware of the Covid 19 measures and you can trust us to clean and maintain your home. Remember that as long as all the above measures are followed cleaning during lockdown is possible.

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