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Our Journey

Val’s Services Cleaning, established in 2010 by Val Oliveira, a visionary female entrepreneur, is a cleaning company with a unique blend of Brazilian warmth and Chicago professionalism. With a mission rooted in the Brazilian tradition of “Faxina,” Val aimed to bring the spirit of thorough and joyful Spring cleaning to the heart of Chicago.

Arriving in Chicago, Val realized that the city lacked a cleaning service that truly cared for homes and properties. In response, she founded Val’s Services with a commitment to deliver the highest quality and consistent cleaning services in the Chicago area.

Today, Val’s Services Cleaning continues to thrive and expand, unwavering in its dedication to the mission of “Cleaning with Care.” Our journey is a testament to our passion for cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and a dash of Brazilian charm. We take pride in transforming living and working spaces into sparkling havens, making Chicago a cleaner and happier place, one clean space at a time.

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